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HepPDT contains the fixed data about each particle type. In other words, it contains the data that can be found in the Review of Particle Properties.

This data is conceptually split into particle information (e.g. mass) and decay information. HepPDT provides a simple set of particle data classes. Particle ID translation methods are in a separate HepPID library, which is distributed as part of HepPDT.

You will find documentation on the "homepage" link.

Registration Date: 2006-01-11 11:41
License: GNU General Public License V2 or later
Development Status: 5 - Production/Stable


Latest News
HepPDT migrated to svn
     posted by garren, 2011-06-30 17:21 - 0 replies

The HepPDT code repository has been migrated to svn. Write access to the cvs repository has been disabled. The head and any branches in the cvs repository should be considered obsolete.

Web ...

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HepPDT 2.06.01 and 3.04.01
     posted by garren, 2009-12-08 06:46 - 0 replies

HepPDT 2.06.01 and 3.04.01 are now available.

New numbers identifying magnetic monopoles (dyons) and black holes have been approved for PDG 2010. These numbers are now recognized by HepPDT.

In addition, there is a need to identify ...

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HepPDT 2.06.00 and 3.04.00
     posted by garren, 2009-10-13 00:48 - 0 replies

HepPDT 2.06.00 and 3.04.00 have been released.

These are essentially bug fix releases. However, the missing isPentaquark, isSUSY, and isRhadron methods were added to HepPDT/ParticleData.hh (and also HepPDT/CommonParticleData.hh in 2.06.00). ...

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HepPDT 3.03.02
     posted by garren, 2009-01-23 23:20 - 0 replies

HepPDT 3.03.02 is the new production release.

eta_c(2S) has been added to particle.tbl, using PDG 2008 properties

EvtGen support has been updated to reflect the changes to both particle ID numbers and data files in evtgenlhc 9.1 (and also 8.16). The included EvtGen data files are examples only and have been moved to examples/data. ...

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